Beeswax for Metal & Plastic - 250 ml

The Wax for Metal and Plastic is a non-aggressive cleaning product that preserves the colour of plastic and the shade of metal. It gives shine to the material without leaving streaks and effectively protects against dirt and oily substances. The product leaves an extremely fine transparent film that makes the material waterproof, protecting it from water and humidity. When applied to metal, the film created by the wax has a powerful anti-oxidising action and preserves surfaces from corrosion, stains and fading. When applied to plastic, it maintains its elasticity, protecting it from the elements. The wax is neutral in colour and has a delicate honey smell.
  • 100% natural and breathable
  • Made from beeswax
  • Cleans and protects surfaces
  • Preserves colour

Beeswax for Metal & Plastic

Ready for use. Wipe the surface with a rag lightly coated in the wax and leave to dry. If necessary, polish with a cloth to leave a shine. The product is highly concentrated and the wax should therefore always be distributed extensively over the surface. The product can be applied to metal once a year, especially in coastal areas to reduce salt corrosion. The product also lasts for around a year on plastic.

Does not contain

solvents, biocides and preservatives. VOCs absent.

Chemical composition

Water, beeswax, natural mineralized emulsifiers specific to the indicated use.


Ready to use. Pass the surface with a rag lightly soaked in wax and leave to dry. Possibly polish with a cloth to give shine. The product is very concentrated and therefore the wax must always be well pulled. The product can be given on metal once a year, especially if near the sea in case it is necessary to reduce the oxidative phenomenon due to saltiness. Also for plastic the product life is about 1 year.

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