Microorganisms for Composting - 250 ml

Almacabio Microorganisms for Composting enhance the quality and quantity of the compost produced. Through their metabolic process, they increase the growth of bacterial flora, which in turn increases the speed at which organic substances decompose. This will result in a compost richer in nutrients, such as: nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, manganese, etc.
  • 100% natural
  • Accelerates composting
  • Creates a humus rich in nutrients

Microorganisms for Composting

They accelerate the transformation process of organic waste into humus, quickly bringing the compost bin to life and avoiding all the negative effects caused by the decomposition of food waste. The result is a fertile, healthy compost, rich in highly nutritious elements for fruit trees and vegetables. Every 250 ml contains around 25 million microorganisms. Almacabio Microorganisms are 100% natural and combine their effective action with the greatest care for the health of the whole family.

Chemical composition

Water, live microorganisms for composting, at least 25 million per container, zeolite, organic components and minerals appropriate for composting.


Use 250 ml of microorganisms for every 1m³ of compost, dilute the product in water using a 1:4 ratio, spray the surface of the compost slowly and evenly. A higher dosage will accelerate composting.

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